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KDW Doggy Daycare

Who are KDW Doggy Daycare

KDW doggy daycare is a commerical dog day care centre in Dunfermline & Kinross. KDW was established in 2010 by Debbie Clarke.

Debbie’s passion for dogs led her to start KDW as a means to spend more time with her own rescue dogs. Right from the start Debbie had been the driving force behind the business with a vision to provide a unique, friendly, and tailored service backed up by an experienced team who have an equal passion for the health and wellbeing for all the dogs in their care.

KDW Doggy Daycare Logo

The need

KDW doggy daycare is one of the largest doggy day care centres in its region. In order to maintain growth, they needed to have an online presence where by new and existing customers could view their services, prices, documentations, forms and booking tool all in one single place.

They also wanted to have a tool where by they could gain new customers.   

The solution offers an affordable web design service using web themes that we’ve expertly created for people in the dog care industry. Having looked around the themes we offer, KDW decided they would like to use the Marley theme for their website.

Our developers took the Marley theme we created and adjusted and adapted it to the KDW Branding and entered all the relevant information to their business. Once this design was approved we launched their website in under 1 week.

We also worked to create 3 custom email inboxed for the business, and provided the needed support in order to get them working on multiple devices.

Service Tour

Watch the video below where by we show you some of the features of the product we delivered.

Customer Feedback

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