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A Service Agreement incorporating your logo and brand style and collating the customer’s master documents including a Service Agreement; Policies & Procedures; Veterinary Release Form; Booking Form inc owner’s details, pet’s medical and behavioural information, vet information form, owner’s consents, permissions and legal forms

Insurance & Certificates cover page for you to then attach copies of your Insurance, Licence (if applicable), First Aid Certificate, DBS statement and professional qualifications. Presenting your best possible face to the public.

Individual forms and documents covering the main topics within a dog walking business for you to assemble or tailor as you wish, ready for your customer, presenting your brand and contact details. Professionalism at every touch point.

Your Digital Customer Welcome Pack


A Welcome Pack for your customer, tailored and personalising with your logo, hero images and information to your business including:

  • About us (your business);
  • Services (yours);
  • Prices (yours);
  • Peace of Mind (Summarising your Insurance, Training qualifications, Licence details);
  • Primary Testimonial (you choose); and
  • Contact Information.

You complete our blank template and we produce you a highly professional digital PDF to impress your customers.

Two themes to choose from

Choose between our Alpha and Omega themes. Tell us your chosen colours, provide us your logo, copy and personal images, or use our default images, all personalised to your business. And impress your customers with your professionalism and organsiation.

What is included in your digital Documents Bundle?

The key documents for your service niche. Click on your chosen package below to see all the documents included in that package.

They include :

  • Service Agreement pack (personalised to your brand)
  • Personalised Welcome Pack cover sheet
  • Personalised Insurance and Certificates cover sheet (for your Insurance & Certificates)
  • Check Lists (personalised to your brand)
  • Forms (personalised to your brand)
  • Policies & Procedures (personalised to your brand)
  • Other documents
  • Swipe files

What do these forms feature?

Dog Business document

Personalised covers for your brand documents

You supply your logo, colour palette and contact information, and we incorporate them into your chosen materials.

Dog Business document

Personalised forms and documents

Incorporating your logo and contact information into the documents

Dog Business document

Incorporates best practice

Following the guidelines and Industry regulations where appropriate.

Check Lists
  • Booking Enquiry and Confirmation Check List
  • Enquiry check list (internal)
  • Getting Ready for Home Boarding And Home Day Care Check List
  • Daily Walking Operations Check List
  • Home Boarding Check List summary
  • Owner’s Dog Walking Check List
  • Owner’s Pop-In Check List
  • Pop-Ins Trial Check List
  • Social Media Check list
  • Pet Health Check list
  • Booking Form inc Customer record, Medical record and Behavioural record
  • Children & Dogs Risk Assessment template
  • Consents Form
  • Covid 19 risk assessment
  • Covid 19 household declaration
  • Dog Walking Report Card
  • Death of a Dog Record template
  • Exercise & Enrichment Plan template
  • Risk Assessment
  • House Information Sheet
  • Incident Report
  • Key Release Form
  • Medication Permission Form
  • Medications record
  • Pet report card
  • Veterinary release form
Policies & Procedures
  • Cancellation policy
  • Children Under 16 & Dogs Policy
  • Cleaning and disinfection procedure
  • Cookies Policy
  • Covid 19 policy & procedures INTERNAL
  • Covid 19 policy & procedures Customer
  • Death or Escape of Animal policy and procedure
  • Dogs Under 1 Year Policy
  • Dog Walking Policy
  • Emergency plans eg extremes of temperature and weather conditions; transport breakdown
  • Exercise & Enrichment Policy
  • Handling of Dogs Policy
  • Handling, exercise and enrichment agreement
  • Meet & Greet + Socialisation + Familiarisation + Trial Procedure & Check List + parasites check
  • Monitoring for well being procedure
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Privacy Policy
  • Training experience & policy
  • Training record
  • Transportation policy and procedures
  • Website Privacy Policy
Other documents
  • Insurance & Certificates cover (personalised)
  • Dog Walking Services Agreement cover (personalised)
  • Dog Walking Service Agreement (separate) without cover and bundled documents
  • Dog Walking Service Agreement with cover and bundled documents
  • Daily Operations and Monitoring Database
  • Our responsibilities
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Training Knowledge Gap
  • DW What you can expect from us
  • Pop-Ins Service Agreement
  • Dog Walking Guide – What to expect
Swipe Files
  • New customer/new enquiry
  • Existing customer new enquiry
  • New enquiry no availability
  • First enquiry
  • Dog Walking email confirmation
  • Bank holiday enquiry
  • Price increase
  • Outstanding monies

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