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Our mission is to help good dog business folk become great.

In this bundle we’ve assembled a whole raft of important operational references that are essential for any business. Over 150 templates covering many of the essential policies, records, forms, processes and documents that are integral to any business, small or even a little larger.

The templates are unbranded and ready to be slipped into your digital folder or printed and dropped into your 3 ring binder – important references for you, immediately to hand when you least expect but most want the problem off your plate.

Did you know…

…That most businesses hold some form of personal information about customers – from email and postal address through to health and financial details, even if it’s stored on a mobile. It’s essential that your business is GDPR compliant, no matter your company size.

Serious breaches of GDPR regulations carry a steep fine of up to 4% of your business turnover! Here are some examples of activity that can be penalised:

  • Insufficient protection of personal data meaning that systems can readily be hacked and personal data inappropriately acquired
  • Compromising people’s personal data by using/failing to maintain filing systems.
  • Viewing people’s sensitive personal data held legitimately on a database and then exporting it to unauthorised locations e.g. a personal email account
  • Sharing personal data with other organisations without authority and without informing the data subjects of your intention to do so
  • Retaining personal data for longer than necessary or for an inappropriate or unauthorised purpose
  • And did you know…penalties imposed on employers that are in breach of the minimum wage legislation are 200% of arrears owed to the worker.

Grab your business operations bundle today – a small investment for your peace of mind.

What do these forms feature?

Dog Business Ops

Business Operations

These forms cover your obligations under Health & Safety, a raft of topics like accident reporting, CCTV and lone workers as well as for the day a sub contractor poaches your customer.

Dog Business GDPR


These templates cover everything from a GDPR policy template, through an audit framework to proformas for the key correspondence you need in case a questioning customer comes knocking.

Dog Business HR


‘I’m a one (wo)man band, I don’t need HR stuff!’ So comes the day you grow or you offer some work to your friend’s daughter, or a veterinary student wants some work experience… or a freelancer runs off with your customer records…

Data Protection & GDPR
  • Acknowledgement of Employee Data Subject Access Request
  • Data Breach Form
  • Data Breach Policy
  • Data Protection Audit Template
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment Template
  • Data Subject Access Request Policy and Procedure
  • Employees Subject Access Rights Form
  • GDPR Policy
  • Job Applicant Privacy Notice
  • Letter Acknowledging Employee Subject Access Request and Asking for More Information
  • Letter Acknowledging Employee Subject Access Request
  • Data Subject Access Request Policy and Procedure
  • Subject Access Request Form
  • GDPR Training
  • Standard Procedures for Marketing
  • Privacy Notice for Employees, Contractors and Host Families
  • Records of Data Control Activities
  • Subject Access Request Letter – Fee and-or Additional Time
  • Subject Access Request Letter – Receipt of Additional Information-ID
  • Subject Access Request Letter – Receipt of Fee
  • Subject Access Request Form
  • Subject Access Request Letter – No Data Found
Financial Forms & Reports
  • Receipts Journal
  • Quarterly Business Report
  • Petty Cash Voucher
  • Petty Cash Journal
  • Payments Journal
  • Monthly Sales Reports
  • Cash Flow Sheet
  • Bank Reconciliaton Report
General Policies
  • Anti Bribery Policy
  • Communications Policy
  • Complaint Handling Policy
  • Customer Service Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Hospitality and Gifts Policy
Health & Safety
  • Health and Safety Policy Statement
  • Lone Worker Health and Safety Policy
  • General Guidelines for Safe Working
  • Overarching Health and Safety Policy
  • Risk Assessment Template
HR Policies
  • Disciplinary Policy and Procedure
  • Employers Guide to Managing Maternity Leave
  • Grievance Policy
  • Guidance Notes To Employers – Return To Work Process
  • Harassment and Bullying Policy
  • Maternity Policy
  • Maternity Leave Policy
  • Sickness and Absence Policy
  • Time off for Antenatal Appointments Policy
  • Training and Development Policy
  • Violence or Threats Policy
HR Records
  • Employee_knowledge_gap
  • Employee Absence Record
  • Induction Record
  • Training_Record
HR Templates
  • Appraisal Template
  • Dismissal or Demotion Letter
  • Employee Offer Letter – Casual Worker
  • Employee Offer Letter – Fixed Term
  • Employee Offer Letter – Part Time
  • Employee Offer Letter – Young Worker
  • Employee Offer Letter – Zero Hours
  • Employee Timesheet
  • Employment Contract – Casual Worker
  • Employment Contract – Fixed Term
  • Employment Contract – Part Time
  • Employment Contract – Young Worker
  • Employment Contract – Zero Hours
  • Final Warning Letter
  • First Formal Discussion Letter
  • First Formal Warning Letter
  • Job Application Form Template
  • Keeping in Touch Day Employer Response Letter
  • Keeping in Touch Days Interview Request Letter
  • Letter Advising Employee of Ineligibility for Statutory Paternity Leave and Pay
  • Letter asking employee on maternity leave if she intends to return to work
  • Letter declining annual leave request
  • Letter Requesting Home Visit
  • Letter to Employee on Sick Leave Asking for Details of Anticipated Return to Work
  • Maternity – Employers Decicison Letter to Flexible Working Request
  • Maternity Early Return to Work Response from Employer
  • Maternity Leave Dates Acknowledgement Letter
  • Maternity Leave Letter
  • Paternity Leave Letter Denied
  • Paternity Leave Letter Granted
  • Prolonged And Persistent Sickness Dismissal Notice
  • Rejection Letter Post Interview Template
  • Rejection letter Pre Interview Template
  • Return To Work Interview Letter
  • Training Record Template
  • Agency and temporary worker
  • Accident reporting
  • Business Plan Template
  • Business to consumer – distance and doorstep selling
  • Car policy
  • Closing a company
  • Copyright
  • CCTV
  • Electrical safety at work
  • Fire safety overview
  • Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR for employers
  • Guidance notes to the business plan
  • Homeworkers
  • Insurance policies
  • Internships
  • PPE
  • Remote and lone workers
  • Safeguarding policy
  • Staff data protection training policy
  • Sub contractor poaching customer
  • Witness statement
  • Young persons assessment form
  • Young workers

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